Golf GS1054




Made from the finest calf leather, Atelier Guarotti golf shoes come in a wide range of colours and styles, from the classic to the flam-boyant. Golf enthusiasts can design their own personalised shoes selecting colours, styles and materials including exotic skin such as snake (python, elaphe), deer, eel, kangaroo, and crocodile leather. Customers can even put their name on the shoe.



          2nd STEP  
  Take the measurements: download the tutorial and follow the instructions, then send the measurements results togheter with the order form
TUTORIAL feet measurement by hand
FORM feet measurement
  • Delivery time 6 week
  • Upper leather Calfskin



  1. SWING rubber (red, black,blue, green)
MONOGRAM  SPIKES (BlakeRapid)  € 840,00      SWING (Spikeless)  € 720,00  Other golf shoes GOLF SHOES CATALOG

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (request Special leather Eel, Deer, Kangaroo, Cordovan, Ostrich, Elaphe, American Alligator , nile crocodile, Caiman, Pyton, Or others models:derby, monk, …) 


Please download the form "Feet Measurement" above, fill in with manual measurement and send it.  Just .pdf or .jpeg format are accepted (even .zip file is accepted). You should also send a picture of the feet without socks. If you do not send the manual measurement, we will produce a standars measure shoes as indicated in the order form in the "Size" cell.