When it comes to tailored suits, Italians just have what it takes: fashion. Customise your very own bespoke suit. In addition to offering fabrics from high-quality selections, the service provides customizable options with trimmings and details, and allows for personal tailoring according to the client’s individual measurements. Each garment is impeccably crafted , tailored for a truly unique experience by the best Italian artisans. If you are interested, please don't hesitate and get in touch with us today.

Goodyear Processing is the most popular work among our achievements.

Needle and thread are woven together among the upper, the insole and the welt through the craftsman's hands.

Blake & Rapid processing is a technique that allows you to stitch together the midsole and the sole in leather. Through the seam you can achieve higher strength of the base.

Types of Leather Used in Our Men’s Shoes

Calfskin is one of the most favourite leather for dress/business shoes; since it comes from calf, it has a tighter grain and fiber, and it is thinner and lighter than cowhide: this makes for better shoe leather.

 How to get your exclusive shoes, made by Italian masterful shoemakers, in four Steps.

 The appearance factor. Separated from the rest of your clothing, shoes are a visual endpoint and receive an excessive amount of attention; while covering only 5% of one's body, they definitely make for more than 30% of our visual judgement when sizing up a stranger.

The story behind the American suit is the living proof of how society and the economic situation within a particular country shape fashion.

We’ll be looking back at New York City in the 1920s. The “roaring twenties”. A time of prosperity that had a massive influence on many aspects of our lives now. The first difference can be immediately spotted here: the target group.

We saw in the history of the British suit that the suit was something of a luxurious good meant for the military elite and high political class.

The next journey will bring us in an emerging (although still healing after the second world war) 1945 Rome, in the old fashioned Via Barberini. Yet another influential street.

Yet other creative artists who revolutionized Italian fashion and not only. Just like the rise of the British style, the Italian was also a slow and steady road to worldwide success and appreciation.

It was only in 1952 that that idea grew immensely after the first fashion show (properly said) held at Palazzo Pitti in Florence.

We are now strolling in the street believed to have given birth to the traditional British suit. A street that signifies the British influence in traditional bespoke men’s tailoring.

Built in the 1700s, and named after Lady Dorothy Savile, the street was meant for the high political class and military elite of those times.

  1. choose the model;
  2. choose materials and colors;
  3. choose decorations;
  4. measure your feet.