Atelier Guarotti embraces Marche's centuries-old tradition of clothing manufacturing and shoemaking. Footwear and textile manufacturing dates back to the Renaissance, but it was only during the second half of the 20th century that the fashion phenomenon really took off, when several specialized artisan workshops started sprouting all around. Fashion districts then came into being: geographically concentrated production bases, they were overflowing with small-sized businesses and highly-skilled craftsmen, fashion artists to the very core.





 The term " industrial district " was coined during the second half of the 19th century, its fundamental features being the identification of a specific socio-economic texture, the specialism in a particular product category, its concentration within a defined geographic area, the peculiar relationship between companies, both collaborative and competitive at the same time

World-famous Italian fashion brands, together with countless craftsmen , were born in those districts which have been key to Made in Italy's success throughout the world. Successful global brands still entrust these workshops with the most important phases of haute couture production.


Italian fashion is most certainly synonymous with Italian style around the world, as well as it embodies a competitive and thriving industrial model. Our country has exported Italian style, culture, professionalism and mastery worldwide, becoming the quintessence of originality and creativity.

Atelier Guarotti rises in one of those Italian fashion districts, it absorbs its history and long-standing experiences, but looks ahead. Atelier Guarotti proposal offers a refreshing vision on Italian fashion' s future, coming up with a groundbreaking solution which blends artisanal tradition with technological innovation. 

The differentiation strategy of those companies working in the fashion industry mostly relies on their capability to constantly offer new product collections: this variety of items should be able to catch the eye and prompt an increasingly sophisticated and demanding clientele to buy.

>From Atelier Guarotti's standpoint, globalization translates into the opening of new points of sales all over the world, even though handmade products' manufacturing will always take place in Italy. Today our innovative proposal grants everyone the chance to have unique items of clothing crafted by Made in Italy's finest specialists.

ATELIER GUAROTTI is the answer to the current challenges peculiar to the luxury fashion boutique: it focuses on winning back those customers who, on the one hand, avoid shopping centers and rely on e-commerce to purchase haute couture products, while on the other they are seeking exclusive and unique items which even the most renowned, luxury prêt-à-porter brands cannot provide.

Haute couture products' consumers' buying behavior is currently changing: no longer driven by the mere ostentation of universally acknowledged brands, they now seek to fulfil a more private and personal craving, wanting to take part in the creative process to own their style. These consumers are high-end customers in pursuit of an original, high-quality, handcrafted and bespoke product, yet unique in its kind, which could be tailored to their own needs and desires.